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Bare Knuckle Pizza
Viet Nguyen‘s journey to becoming an artisan Neapolitan pie-maker began back in 1996 when he learned a basic pizza dough recipe from his sister in Indiana.  He followed his heart to California and then to NYC where he discovered how Neapolitan pies are made in Brooklyn.  As a pizza enthusiast, he was inspired to redevelop his recipe and pay homage to east coast pizzerias like Grimaldi’s, Lucali’s and Paulie Gee’s.  After two years of experimenting (and putting off his thesis), Viet finally created a Neapolitan pie crust that he feels is ready to “feed the people.”  Not only is he devoted to his dough, Viet uses the freshest ingredients as well as supporting local vendors in the SF Bay Area.

Currently in the heart of downtown Oakland, there is not a wood-fired pizzeria serving artisan-style Neapolitan pies. We aim to help solve this problem and provide a space for people to gather and enjoy great food with friends and family.  By developing this pizzeria, we are a part of our growing local community, creating an enjoyable product for townies and visitors alike.

For catering Bare Knuckle Pizza travels within the greater SF Bay Area catering special events and parties. For more information, contact us here.